Shipping and Handling

We currently charge $5.00 shipping and handling per item for orders under $40.

Shipping is now free for domestic USPS. For international orders, we have to charge for the shipping costs; likewise if you want Express, Priority, UPS, FedEx, or other “I’m-in-a-hurry” service.

You’ll probably get your order within five business days in the US or Canada. For the UK, it’s more like 8–10 business days. Other countries vary too much to estimate here.


If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly refund or replace any item! We love our customers and want them to feel safe purchasing from us. Item must be returned within 7 days after you receive it. Please allow a couple of weeks to process the returns/reorders. To get the return address, just email us: . Thanks!


We NEVER give or sell your personal info to any other company — EVER (including your email address)! We do not store your credit card information. PayPal handles all of our payment processing, so we never even see your credit card. There is nothing of yours here for anyone to steal. Visit PayPal to learn about their account options, security, and privacy policy.

** PayPal account is not required for credit card payment.

* Free shipping via USPS First Class in the U.S.